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Keven Bauke

I am a freelancer currently based in Berlin. I have built, designed and implemented applications for companies all over the globe.

As a software developer, I believe in writing proper, correct and documented code regardless of the circumstances. I have a strong focus in creating a great user experience, whether they are APIs used by developers or interfaces of apps.

I have excellent communication skills. I am used to working independently, but also collaboratively in a team. Learning new things and sharing knowledge with others, as well as giving valuable advice, are very important to me.

I teach the programming language Swift and architectural design patterns to clients like Mercedes Benz for the Daimler Corporate Academy and other companies.

Soft-Skills and Work Style

Always open, fair and understanding

I try to be as transparent as possible. Being honest and fair is one of my credos, not only at work.

More than 10 years of dev experience

I started with simple HTML and Javascript, progressed to ActionScript, Java and Objective-C and advanced to Swift and C#.

Work effectively and under pressure

I know how to stay on schedule and deliver within deadlines even under tight timelines.

Great communication skills

I explain technical terms in a clear understandable manner and keep my clients updated at all times.

Consultant, Leader and Team Player

I can work collaboratively as well as independently. I know how to lead a team to success.

Flexible and eager to learn

I can adapt to new requirements easily. I see problems as challenges and learn from them.